What is an RTS game? What are the best RTS games on Windows? Are you still troubled by these problems? Read this article on NewsPivot to explore the best RTS games on PC. 

About RTS Games

The full name of RTS games is real-time strategy games, which can be traced back to 1983 (maybe 1984 in another opinion). The 1990s to 2010s were probably the most popular years for RTS games, which was a popular game tag at the time.

However, with the progress of computer technology and the prosperity of the game industry, the types of games have gradually diversified. In addition, RTS games are often extremely maneuverable and difficult to get started, requiring a lot of time to practice and master. This is the polar opposite of the latter category of games, so RTS games lose a large number of players. By now, RTS games have become a niche game tag.

RTS Game Recommendations

The rise and fall of RTS games is a source of regret and emotion, especially for those who lived through that era. If you are a fan of RTS games looking for old memories, try the following RTS games.

Warcraft III

Warcraft III

Though Warcraft III is an old game now, it is still one of the best RTS games PC. In Warcraft III, you are allowed to use four races, which include Nightelf, Orc, Human and Undead. There are also RPG maps that allow you to play different game modes from the traditional RTS mode.

Since the release of Warcraft III: Reforged in 2020, Blizzard has continued to maintain and improve the game. You are allowed to use more refined models in Reforged, and also you can choose to use the classic models. Now Warcraft III Ver 1.361 is available and Ver 1.362 is coming soon.

Warcraft with the newest model

-image from warcraft3.blizzard.com

In addition, if you want to play Ver 1.27 or the previous versions, you can download them from the official forum.

StarCraft and StarCraft II

StarCraft is an RTS game developed by Blizzard, similar to Warcraft III. There are currently two StarCraft series, StarCraft and StarCraft II, and both of them are among the best RTS games.

As the sequel to StarCraft, StarCraft II was released in 2010 and inherited the game style of StarCraft. Although Blizzard announced that it would stop adding new stories to StarCraft II, it would continue to maintain the game. Moreover, both StarCraft and StarCraft II have been part of WCG competitions.

StarCraft: Remastered is now available, which has better graphics. Unlike Warcraft III, StarCraft: Remastered does not have a version update that changes much of the original stuff. You can experience StarCraft as it used to be.

In these two games, you can play the role of commander in three races (including Protoss, Zerg and Terran) and conquer your enemies.

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Red Alert 3

The full name of Red Alert 3 is Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, also called RA3 in short. As the sequel to Red Alert 2, Red Alert 3 largely inherits the game style of the previous game, but also adds many novel elements.

Red Alert 3

In Red Alert 3, you are the commander of one of the Soviet camp, the Alliance camp, or the Rising Sun camp. The worldview of this game is set in a high-tech setting, and you can use amazing and unique units to beat your enemies.

RA3 has been stopped updating for many years, but it’s still worth playing. There are also some mods that keep the game alive, such as Corna, Remix, Amor Rush, Insurrection, etc.

Company of Heroes

The Company of Heroes series is developed by Relic Entertainment and currently consists of three games. This game series is set in World War II, and you need to operate your unit to win the war.

Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes 2 are highly praised among players, but Company of Heroes 3 is not that well-famed due to the poor balance. So it’s recommended you try Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes 2, which are often on discount in game stores.

Age of Empires: IV

The Age of Empire series is also an old RTS game series and consists of four generations. The four generations are in good fames. Ensemble Studios, the developer of the Age of Empire series, has released Age of Empire for Windows 10 and Age of Empires II HD edition.

In the Age of Empire series, you will be the ruler of a country. You need to develop your own country with all your strength while defending or conquering other countries through various means.

The Age of Empires series provides a wealth of multiplayer game modes, including real-time battles, team cooperation, etc. If you want to play with friends, every generation of this game is perfect for you. If you want a game with good graphics, you can go for Age of Empires IV.

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Total War

This game series includes over 10 games, most of which are successful. They combine turn-based strategy and resource management with real-time tactical control of battles. Rather uniquely for real-time strategy games, flanking maneuvers and formations factor heavily into gameplay.

Each game in this series has a different worldview setting, some are fantastic, some are historical, and some are scientific.

If you want to play some special RTS games, try this series.

Bottom Line

As a sign of the times, RTS games have witnessed the development of the game industry. Although the RTS tag has become niche, new RTS games are released every year. We hope you find the RTS game you can really enjoy.

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