While launching Minecraft and trying to create a profile, you may receive an error message saying “failed to create profile Minecraft”. How to solve it? In this post from NewsPivot, we offer several effective ways for your reference.

Way 1. Close Browser

Under certain circumstances, the “failed to create profile Minecraft” problem may occur as a result of conflicts between your Minecraft Launcher and the browser you’re currently running. You should close the browser to resolve this annoying problem. If required, consider closing any other running apps to avoid potential conflicts.

Way 2. Sign Out and Then Sign In

Once you encounter this issue “Minecraft failed to create profile”, you can also try signing out of your Minecraft Launcher and then signing back in. This allows you to clear the misconfigured files and enter the game successfully.

Way 3. Disable VPN

If you’re using a VPN on your computer, the “failed to create profile Minecraft” problem may also sometimes happen. To solve this problem, you need to disable the VPN.

Way 4. Change to the Minecraft Launcher for Windows 7 or 8

You may also face the problem “Minecraft failed to create profile” when using the Minecraft Launcher for Windows 10 or 11. This is because there may be some unexpected bugs that may occur with the newer launcher.

To resolve the problem, uninstall the current version of the Minecraft Launcher and visit the official Minecraft website to download the Windows 7 or 8 version.

Way 5. Reinstall the Minecraft Launcher from the Official Website

If your current Minecraft Launcher was installed from the Microsoft Store, you may occasionally experience authentication issues with your Microsoft accounts, resulting in the issue “failed to create profile Minecraft”. In this case, it is a good idea to uninstall the Minecraft Launcher app, and then reinstall it from the official Minecraft website.

When you’re done, relaunch your computer and see if the issue “Minecraft Launcher failed to create profile” is fixed.

Way 6. Use Web Browser

If you are unable to resolve the “Minecraft Launcher failed to create profile” issue using the above ways, you can also try creating a profile via the web browser. Then sign into the Minecraft Launcher and enjoy the game.

You can try turning on the Incognito mode or clearing the cache and cookies if you fail to create the Minecraft profile in your web browser.

Final Words

When you get trapped in the “failed to create profile Minecraft” issue, try the ways mentioned above to fix it. We hope you find this post useful and will share it with others.

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