Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox game created in the Java programming language. However, this game is still popular now and one of the reasons is that users can install various mods to it. The various mods bring all kinds of fun to users, but also brings some problems. The Minecraft Exit Code 1 is such a problem.

Some users report that Minecraft crashes and throw out the Exit Code -1 when launching a mod pack, when starting a game, or just in the middle of the game. If you are facing the same issue, don’t worry. This post from NewsPivot offers you the solutions.

Minecraft Exit Code 1
If you are a modpack maker and encounter the Minecraft Exit Code 1 error when creating a mudpack, you can read this Reddit post to get the solution.

Way 1. Update the GPU Driver

Some people report that updating the GPU driver helped them solve the Minecraft Exit Code 1 error. Therefore, you can have a try. Here is the guide:

  1. Press the Windows logo key + X keys and select Device Manager from the menu.
  2. Expand Display adapters, right-click the GPU driver, and select Update driver. Then, follow the wizard to complete the update.
1. You can also download the latest driver from the GPU manufacturer’s website and then install the driver.
2. Some people also say that installing an older GPU driver also helped them solve the Exit Code 1 Minecraft. You can also have a try. The older GPU driver can be downloaded on the official GPU manufacturer’s website.

Way 2. Change the Path of the Minecraft Launcher and Java

To get rid of the Exit Code 1 Minecraft, some people suggest changing the path of the Minecraft launcher and Java. Here is the guide:

Step 1: Change the path of the Minecraft launcher.

  1. Exit Minecraft.
  2. Go to its installation directory, right-click the Minecraft.exe file, and choose Send to > Desktop to create a shortcut. (optional)
  3. Right-click on the Minecraft shortcut on the computer and select Properties.
  4. Move to the Shortcut tab.
  5. Add “-workDir %ProgramData%.minecraft” at the end of the Target bar.
  6. Click Apply and OK to save changes.

Step 2: Change the path of Java.

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher on the computer and go to Launch Options.
  2. Turn on the Java executable toggle.
  3. Edit the Java executable path. The original path shows the Java filename as javaw.exe where the issue lies. You should modify the Java path as java.exe.
  4. Click the Save button to finish the edition job.

Then, you can restart the game to see if Minecraft Exit Code -1 disappears.

Way 3. Remove Bad or Incompatible Mods

In most cases, the Minecraft Exit Code -1 is caused by bad or incompatible mods. Then, you need to remove the bad or incompatible mods in the following way:

  1. Press the Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog box.
  2. In the Run dialog, type “%appdata%” and press Enter to open the C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Roaming folder.
  3. Then, find the .minecraft folder and make a copy of it on another place.
  4. Open the .minecraft folder and delete all mods in it.
  5. Open the Copy folder and move the mods to the .minecraft folder one by one.
  6. During the process, you should launch your game to see what mod is causing the issue. Find the bad or incompatible mod and then remove it.
Some mods may require other mods for running. Therefore, you should pay attention to the order in which mods are put back.

Way 4. Fix or Switch the Minecraft Mod Loader

According to some people’s report, the issue is caused by the mod loader. Then, repairing or switching the mod loader can be a solution to Minecraft Exit Code 1. For example, some people say:

  • Doing a “Repair Installation” (which is located in the three little dots on the top right corner of your “My Modpacks” menu) for CurseForge solves the issue.
  • Switching from Forge to Fabric solves the issue.

Way 5. Reinstall Java

The last solution to Minecraft Exit Code 1 that I recommend to you is to reinstall Java. Here is the guide:

  1. Uninstall Java from the Settings > Apps > Apps & Features menu.
  2. Download the newest Java from the official site.
  3. Run the installer.
  4. Restart Minecraft and test for exit code 1.

Bottom Line

This post shows you how to fix the Minecraft Exit Code 1 issue. If you have other ideas, contact me and I will add them to my post.

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