Are you receiving the “Minecraft Launcher is currently not available in your account” error? Many users reported that they also encountered this issue. This post from NewsPivot will share with you several effective methods to solve this problem.

Minecraft Launcher is Currently Not Available

The Minecraft Launcher not available error occurs when you are trying to download Minecraft Launcher or launch a game from it. It is also referred to as Check your account error. The complete error message is:

Minecraft Launcher is currently not available in your account. Make sure you are signed in to the store and try again. Here’s the error code, in case you need it: 0x803f8001.

What can you do to solve this error? Well, there are several troubleshooting methods for you.

How to Solve Minecraft Launcher Not Available in Your Account

When the Minecraft Launcher is currently not available on your account, it may have an impact on your ability to play the game. Several methods will be introduced below to solve this problem.

Way 1: Clear Windows Store Cache

Many users have tried clearing the Windows Store cache to fix the ” Minecraft Launcher is currently not available” error. To do this, you can use the WSReset command.

Step 1: Open the Run window by holding the Windows and R keys.

Step 2: Type wsreset.exe and click OK to continue. Then a window will appear. It resets the Windows cache automatically.

type wsreset.exe

Way 2: Synchronizing Your Date and Region

In some cases, the “Minecraft Launcher not available in your account” problem has nothing to do with the Microsoft Store cache issues. Possibly due to misconfigured time and location settings. Take the following steps to resolve this difficulty.

Step 1: Open Settings by pressing the Windows and I keys.

Step 2: Tap Time & Language > Date & time.

Step 3: Toggle on both the Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically options. Then click Sync now under the Synchronize your clock section.

choose time/time zone automatically

Step 4: Click on the Region tab and then choose United States under the Country or region section.

choose right region

Tip: You need to change the region back to your geographic area after the game.

Way 3: Utilizing the Microsoft Store Troubleshooter

The Microsoft Store app troubleshooter can resolve many Microsoft Store issues. Just like you encounter “Minecraft Launcher is currently not available in your account” can also be solved.

Step 1: Open Settings and then click Update & Security > Troubleshoot.

Step 2: Tap Additional troubleshooters.

choose additional troubleshooters

Step 3: Find and click Windows Store Apps, and then click Run the troubleshooter.

Run the troubleshooter

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Way 4: Re-sign the Microsoft Store Account

When Microsoft Store doesn’t recognize your account, you will receive the “Minecraft Launcher is currently not available” error. In this case, sign out the Microsoft Store account and then sign in again.

Step 1: Click on the search icon and then type Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Click Open under the Microsoft Store app.

open Microsoft Store app

Step 3: In the Microsoft Store window, tap on the profile icon and then click on the Sign out option.

Step 4: Click on the icon again and choose Sign in.

Step 5: Choose your Microsoft account and click Continue.

choose continue

Step 6: In the next window, enter your PIN and click OK. After logging into the account, check if the “Minecraft Launcher is not available in your account” error is fixed.

enter PIN and click ok

Bottom Line

This article tells you how to solve the Minecraft Launcher is currently not available in your account problem. Hope this article is helpful to you.

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