It frequently occurs to some gamers like you that Steam games have Internet lag, which negatively affects your game enthusiasm. This post will show you how to solve the problem, in which NewsPivot offers some simple solutions.

When you play Steam games on your PC, you occasionally realize that the internet has lag. Moreover, your game screen can go frozen. Don’t worry, there are some methods to tackle this problem.

Solution 1. Reset Your Internet

When you realize that your Steam games have internet lag, you can try resetting your Steam’s internet. Here is how:

Step 1: Click the menu button Start and choose Settings.

Step 2: Click Network and Internet.

Step 3: Click label Status and choose Network reset.

Step 4: Click Reset now and choose Yes.

Step 5: Finally,click Close, save all your work, and then wait for the PC to reboot.

After the system reboots, you should reset the Wi-Fi password if wireless network is your option.
network reset

Now, verify whether the Steam games Internet lag issue disappears.

Solution 2. Close Unnecessary Features

Steam Game Center has many additional functions, such as community, Steam store, and some add-on programs. When you are playing games, these functions may occupy your system resources and cause the game to run slowly or freeze. How to fix Steam games Internet lag? Closing these unnecessary features in Game Center can make it.

When you run a Steam game, don’t run other programs at the same time. Otherwise, the Steam games Internet lag issue will also occur.

Solution 3. Reinstall Your Steam Client

Your Steam Games have internet lag, maybe because there is something wrong with your Steam client.Then, the following measure is one of the solutions to Steam games Internet lag:

Step 1. Be sure to log in as an administrator to the computer on which you intend to install Steam.

Step 2. If you have previously installed Steam, you can reinstall it to fix problems with your previous installation. Then, you can run the Steam installer again and it will automatically reinstall Steam.

Step 3. If you have not previously installed Steam, Click INSTALL STEAM to download the Steam installer from Steam’s official website.  Then, run this file to install Steam.

install Steam

Relaunch Steam and enter the game to see if the problem that Steam games have Internet lag is fixed.

Solution 4. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

When Steam games Internet lag occurs, remember to run the most current drivers for your graphics card. Many graphics card companies offer software that helps keep drivers up to date.

You can download and install drivers from the websites of the graphics card manufacturers. Here is the guide (taking NVIDIA GPU drivers as an example).

Step 1: Find and enter the official website of the NVIDIA.

Step 2: Under the driver download page, you need to customize Product Type, Product Series, Product, Operating System, and Language according to your specific situation.

information selection

Step 3: Click Search after completing the selection.

When choosing a product line, you need to select the option Notebooks if you are a notebook user.

Step 4. Click download and install it.

driver download

If you don’t want to deal with complex graphics settings, you can update the graphics driver through Steam. Just open the client and head to Steam > Check for Video Driver Updates in the menu bar. If new drivers are available for your card, Steam will give you a prompt to let you install the new version.

After updating your Graphics Card Drivers, relaunch Steam and experience your game to see if the method to Steam games Internet lag works.

Bottom Line

This post tells you how to fix Steam games Internet lag. How to make Steam game run smoothly? This post shows you the ways. If you have other ideas, contact me and I will add them to my post.

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