In this post, NewsPivot summarizes game file location on Windows 11/10 for platforms including Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, and GOG. If you want to know the Windows 10/11 games location, read this post now!

It’s often recommended to back up saved files of games to save their progress. So, you need to know Windows 10/11 games location. Finding the game file location is also necessary if you want to move games to another drive.

Common cases of game file changes:

  • Move Riot games to another drive
  • Move Blizzard games to another drive
  • Change Valorant install path

Where are Microsoft Store apps and games installed? How to find Windows 11/10 save games location? In this post, game file locations for several platforms are summarized. You can take them as a reference.

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The Windows 10 games location is C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. As for Windows 11 games location, it seems to have changed, but it is similar to that of the Windows 10 games location.

Steam Game File Location

As you might know, most games are available on Steam because it is the main distributing stage for games. It means that Steam game files aren’t placed at the Windows 10/11 game save file location. Follow the steps below to find the Steam games folder with saved files.

Step 1: Launch Steam and click on the LIBRARY tab in the main interface.

Step 2: Right-click the game that you need the saved files for.

Step 3: Head into the Manage submenu and click Browse local files to navigate to the games folder.

Step 4: Now, explore the folder with saved files.

Microsoft Store Games Location

Microsoft Store Where are Microsoft Store apps and games installed? How to find Microsoft Store game files? You just need to follow the methods below to find the location of Microsoft Store game files on your computer.

Option 1: Search for the game title in File Explorer. Open File Explorer and type the game name in the search bar at the upper right corner of the window. If it’s there, the game folder will be displayed. Then you can open the folder and access all game-related files.

Option 2: Manually look through the PC’s directories. To do that, open File Explorer, go to This PC/My Computer, and choose the drive where your Windows is installed. Then you can find a folder called “Program File” or “Program Files (x86)” if it’s a 64-bit system. The sub-folder “WindowsApps” contains your Microsoft Store application data with game files included.

Xbox Game Pass PC Save File Location

The Xbox Game Pass save file location on Windows 10/11 is mainly decided by the game you are playing. Even so, Xbox services within Windows usually save them in the same folder (inside App Data) on the Windows 11/10 computer.

The following steps show you how to navigate to Xbox Game Pass PC file location on Windows PCs in detail.

Step 1: Open File Explorer and go to the C drive.

Step 2: Open the Users folder and double-click your username folder.

Step 3: Tap on the address bar and type \AppData next to your username. Then double-click the Local folder to continue.

open the Local folder

Step 4: Head into Packages and find the save game folder next to a series of strings.

GOG Save File Location

As for the GOG save file location, it depends on the place where you installed it and the configuration set by the developer. The save games by GOG usually can be found in the following locations.

  • App Data folder
  • Program Files
  • Game installation folder
  • Windows documents

This explores Windows 10 games location and Windows 11 game location. If you want to find it, take a look at this post now!

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