If you are a PS4 player, you may occasionally encounter the issue of “PS4 stuck in Safe Mode”. Do you know how to handle it? If you are looking for a solution, read this article from NewsPivot.

Safe Mode on PS4 can help resolve game console system and software issues, but sometimes the PS4 can get stuck in a Safe Mode loop, as happened to a player on Reddit:

My PlayStation 4 is absolutely stuck in Safe Mode. Whenever I turn it on it comes up with a black screen, that says “Cannot start the PS4. Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 using the USB cable and press the PS button”. But whenever I do this, it comes up with “Safe Mode Connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 10.01 or later. You can download the update file for reinstallation from playstation.com”. Can I get my PlayStation out of Safe Mode and fix it other than going through the reinstallation process?reddit.com

What Causes the PS4 Safe Mode Loop?

“Why is my PS4 stuck in Safe Mode loop”, you may be wondering. Here we summarize some common and possible reasons from the forums and communities.

  • Failed software update: If the software update process is interrupted or if there are issues with the update file, it may cause your PS4 stuck in Safe Mode.
  • Hardware issues: Hardware problems such as a faulty hard drive, unstable cable connection, or corrupted internal components can cause your PS4 to boot into Safe Mode as a safety measure.
  • Insufficient power supply: Problems with the power supply or power connection can also trigger Safe Mode. Insufficient power supply may cause your PS4 to not boot normally.
  • Improper shutdown: This can be caused by software bugs, power outages, or other factors. Improper shutdowns can lead to system files or game data being corrupted, then your PS4 may be stuck in Safe Mode.
  • External devices: Sometimes, connected external devices (USB drive, faulty controllers, etc.) can cause conflicts that result in the console starting in Safe Mode.

How to Fix the PS4 Safe Mode Stuck Issue?

After analyzing the reasons, you can continue to learn how to get the PS4 out of Safe Mode.

Restart Your PS4

Sometimes, the PS4 Safe Mode loop is an accident caused by system bugs or software conflicts. Rebooting the system will close the software completely, and bugs and conflicts will be fixed. Once you restart your PS4, you may find the loop is gone.

Here is how to restart your PS4 in Safe Mode.

Step 1: Connect the controller to your PS4 and open your PS4.

Step 2: Since you are in a Safe Mode loop, you will automatically enter Safe Mode upon booting. Select Restart the PS4 in the Safe Mode menu and press the X button to confirm.

Restart the PS4 in Safe Mode

Check the Physical Connection

As we have mentioned above, poor cable connection and power supply can lead to your PS4 booting into Safe Mode. You should check all the cables to see if they are connected correctly, if not, unplug and replug those unstable ones. Pay special attention to the power supply. Without enough power, your PS4 will not turn on properly.

Update the System Software

If you find your PS4 stuck in Safe Mode frequently, there may be something wrong with the system software. In this case, you need to update the system software by choosing the Update System Software option in the Safe Mode menu.

Rebuild the Database

PS4 stuck in Safe Mode may also be related to game database corruption. Rebuilding the database is an effective way that can reorganize your hard drive and improve PS4 performance. Unlike initializing PS4, rebuilding the database will not delete any of your data. To do this, just select the Rebuild Database option in the Safe Mode menu.

Restore Your PS4 to Default Settings

This method will restore all your PS4 system settings to default, and it’s suitable for the case that the PS4 Safe Mode loop is caused by incorrect settings. Also, choosing the Restore Default Settings option in the Safe Mode menu will not result in loss of apps, games, or data.

Initialize Your PS4

It’s a high-risk operation that will delete all your files and restore your console to factory settings. Therefore, we don’t recommend this method unless nothing else works.

Before you perform this operation, you should back up the data you need to avoid data loss.

In the Safe Mode menu, you can see two options to initialize your PS4.

  • Initialize PS4: Selecting this option will restore your PS4 console to factory status, but will keep your system firmware.
  • Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software): This option will restore your PS4 to factory status and wipe the entire system drive. Once initialized, you need to reinstall the operating system software.

Bottom Line

Although the PS4 is no longer in production, it still has many users. If your PS4 is stuck in the Safe Mode loop, it’s definitely a terrible experience. We wrote this post to help you resolve this problem.

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