In daily use, the Android phone overheating problem often troubles users, which not only affects device performance but also may shorten the life of the hardware. The problem can be caused by a variety of reasons. The following article from NewsPivot will provide you with some effective solutions.

Before we talk about stopping your Android phone from overheating, it’s important to first understand why it heats up.

  1. Use your phone while charging: Your phone generates heat while charging, especially when using a fast charger. Therefore, if the phone is used while charging, it will double the heat and cause the body temperature to be too high.
  2. Setting the screen brightness to max: Keeping the phone at maximum brightness and leaving the screen on for a long time will cause the battery to drain so much that the temperature will rise significantly.
  3. The mobile phone is placed in a high-temperature environment: For example, the mobile phone will overheat as the ambient temperature rises outdoors and a car in summer.
  4. Having poor network coverage: When your phone is in an area with poor Internet access, it will work harder to try to keep the network connected. This will generate additional battery consumption which can lead to overheating.
  5. The processor overwork: If you run some games or programs that put pressure on the processor, it takes more energy to run and thus generates more heat.

Now that you know what’s causing your Android phone to overheat, let’s discuss solutions to the problem. Please follow the methods below.

Solution 1: Stop Using the Phone While Charging

Disabling the phone while charging is one of the effective ways to avoid the overheating issue with Android phones. You should develop good charging habits. You should try to charge it when you don’t use your phone, such as during sleep at night, while washing, or while commuting in the car.

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Solution 2: Turn off the Phone

If your Android phone is running hot, you can try turning it off to deal with the problem. Please turn off the phone and leave it in a cool place for a while. Your modern smartphones make it easy to do this.

You just need to find the power button on your Android device and long press it to bring up the Restart and Power off buttons. You should tap the Power off button now and wait for it to cool down before restarting it so you don’t have to worry about this problem.

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Solution 3: Keep Away from High-Temperature Environment

One easy way to prevent Android phone overheating is to choose a suitable location for your phone. Avoid exposing your phone to the sun when the sun is shining. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket or in an enclosed space with high temperatures for long periods of time on hot days.

And don’t put your phone near the heat sink of other devices. Because if the phone is near the vent of the device, the heat released by the device when it is cooling will gradually heat the phone.

When the phone is hot, please do not put it in a too low-temperature environment such as a refrigerator. Sudden temperature changes can seriously damage a phone because the components inside the device expand when heated, so introducing intense cold can add unnecessary moisture to the phone.

Solution 4: Update Systems and Software

System and software updates can fix known vulnerabilities to reduce unnecessary resource consumption and reduce the likelihood of the Android phone overheating. Follow the specific steps:

Step 1: Choose the Settings button and type Update into the search bar.

Step 1: Tap Software update, and then the Android device will update all the recognized apps and systems directly.

click Software update

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Solution 5: Uninstall or Stop Apps

If the Android phone overheating while using certain apps, you should stop using them. Also, avoid running too many applications at once, as this can also cause the processor to overwork. Here are some steps to uninstall or stop the app:

Step 1: Enter the Settings menu on your desktop and then tap the Apps button.

Step 2: Choose apps that you don’t need or that heat up your phone when you use them. Then click the UNINSTALL or FORCE STOP button.


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Final Words

If the above methods do not solve the problem, it is recommended to seek professional help. Through these measures, users can effectively reduce the phenomenon of overheating mobile phones and improve the user experience. During the operation, users should pay attention to backing up important data in case of accidents. 

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