Is your phone stuck in recovery mode and you cannot exit it? Look here, this article from NewsPivot talks about and provides several solutions for various brands of Android phones. You can resolve your Android stuck in recovery mode and get it back to normal work.

What Is Recovery Mode and Why Is Android Stuck in Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode is a special mode on Android. When you enter this mode, you can fix sorts of issues with its various features (for instance, wipe cache partition, reboot system now, reboot to the bootloader). Due to the recovery mode loading separately from the operating system, you can access it even when your Android phone is stuck on the boot screen.

Although this mode is useful, you may suffer from Android stuck in recovery mode.

Malfunctioning buttons could be the culprit that makes your device stuck in Android recovery mode. Sometimes the buttons used to boot into the mode may suffer from corruption. It’s a common cause especially when your phone is several years old or has experienced such a failure previously.

Therefore, ensure that the keys are responding properly. If all the physical buttons go well and Android stuck in recovery mode still happens, you should take some other fixes to troubleshoot it from this guide.

How to Get Your Android Out of Recovery Mode?

Exiting the recovery mode on Android may not be as challenging as you initially thought. If your Android is stuck in recovery mode for some reason and you can’t get it out of the mode, you can resolve it in the following ways.

The steps below vary depending on Android phones, but they are generally similar.

Way 1: Try a Hard Reboot to Exit the Recovery Mode on Android

A hard reboot is always a useful method worth trying when you encounter some issues and glitches such as Android stuck in recovery mode. Firstly, you should check and ensure that all the buttons work as usual. If yes, you can try to press and hold down the Power button for five to ten seconds until you see the manufacturer’s logo appearing on the screen.

If that does not work, you can also long-press the Power key and the Volume up key at the same time. Wait for ten to twenty seconds until the phone reboots.

Way 2: Choose Reboot System Now to Get Rid of Recovery Mode

If you are unable to do the above way, there is another way you can try to exit the recovery mode on Android. Take the following steps.

Step 1: In this recovery interface, highlight the Reboot system now option by pressing the Volume up or down key.

Step 2: Confirm the option by pressing the Power key to make your device immediately exit the recovery mode and boot to the normal mode.

Way 3: Wipe Data/Factory Reset to Fix Android Stuck in Recovery Mode

If you still cannot exit the recovery mode on Android, maybe you should try the feature of wipe data/factory reset on your device. However, a factory reset will erase all of your data, including installed apps, and photos, and those may be responsible for the stuck issue. You’d better back up your phone data before doing it. Let’s see the steps.

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The process may be different from one Android device to another.

Step 1: While the device is in the recovery mode screen, use the Volume up or down button to highlight Wipe data/factory reset. Then select this option with the Power button.

Step 2: Press the Volume up or down button to select the Yes option and confirm it using the Power button. Then your phone will reset to its factory settings.

Step 3: Then, choose Reboot system now to restart your device. When your device turns on, see if it gets your Android out of recovery mode.

Way 4: Remove the Battery and Reinsert It to Boot Android to Normal Mode

If your device is unable to perform any operations or tasks, you can take out the battery and reinsert it after waiting for a few minutes. Turn on your device and check whether you get your Android out of recovery mode. It should fix any recovery mode issues. But you should notice that some Android devices have an unremovable built-in battery.

Way 5: Try ADB Command

This method, the ADB command, works only on rooted Android phones. Take the steps below.

Step 1: Install ADB on your computer.

Step 2: Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the computer.

Step 3: Open the ADB folder, right-click any blank area in it while holding down the Shift key on your keyboard, and then select Open command window.

Step 4: Type adb devices and press Enter in the command window. Continue the next step as the output shows that your device is connected.

type adb devices

Step 5: Type adb reboot and press Enter. Then you will see your phone exit recovery mode and reboot to normal.

Bottom Line

In this guide, you can get the contents that you are curious about. Now you may understand what the recovery mode is and why you get in trouble with the issue of being stuck in recovery mode. To fix Android stuck in recovery mode, you can choose one method mentioned above and try it on your device. If needed, remember to back up your files.

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