You may encounter troubles when using a cell phone. One notable problem is the occurrence of a blurry screen on Android phone, making it hard for you to view content. If you have such an irritating issue, luckily, you can read this article from NewsPivot and learn about the ways to fix it.

Causes of a Blurry Screen on Android Phone

Whether your Android device falls within general or high-end configurations, it is susceptible to the problem of display quality. This may arise from accidents or prolonged usage. Imagine you’re performing a game task, but a bothersome smudge on the screen is impacting your whole progress. Concerning such problems, the culprit could be either a hardware or a software issue.

On the one hand, the hardware-related issues causing a blurry Android screen may be caused by a phone falling or an LCD panel issue. In addition, it could also be because of poor contact between the connectors of the screen and the device’s mainboard.

On the other, for software, the problem may arise from apps installed on your device. One of them may have bugs or isn’t compatible with your device, which affects your screen display. Thus, your screen will be blurry when the specific app is active.

There are some easy steps for you to improve the display quality in Android.

How to Fix a Blurry Android Screen

If you face a blurry screen on an Android phone, try the following tips to fix it.

Clean Your Device’s Screen

Modern smartphones are almost equipped with glass touch screens. Commonly, the glass will leave fingerprints and other smudges. Therefore, when the screen gets grimy over time, you should scrub it regularly, using a soft and clean cotton cloth with a drop or two of the screen cleaner.

Restart the Device

If not for the above reason, the blurriness issue must be related to the phone itself. Sometimes when the device has been on for a long time, it may take its toll on the internal boot. Consequently, it’s likely to make your panel look blurry. You can try to restart your device, which has been proven to be an effective method for various problems with the phone. Rebooting your phone is a straightforward way to improve the display quality in Android. Following the steps below.

Step 1: Long press the Power button for three to four seconds. Watch out for a pop-up prompt with two or three options.

Step 2: Find Reboot and tap on it.

select the Reboot bubble

Then your device will power off and turn on again after a short time. You can run it to see if the screen still is blurry.

Increase the Brightness

You should ensure that your brightness setting is in the right range. Too low or too high might lead to low visibility. In this case, you need to adjust the screen brightness.

Swipe down and move the brightness slider in the quick settings menu. Besides, check your settings to turn off the Night Light or any other blue light filters on your device.

Adjust Screen Resolution

Some mobile phones with an integrated function are allowed to adjust the screen resolution. You can go to Settings and search for Resolution to adjust to a higher resolution. If your device has the option, it will appear under the search bar. Then you can choose it and increase the resolution. In the event that it doesn’t support the function or the issue persists, you may try other solutions.

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Remove the Problematic App

A problematic app or apps recently installed on your device are likely to carry bugs and compatibility issues. It may affect the interaction between the app and the device’s display. Accordingly, the brightness issue will come out when the app is active.

If only one app is blurry, you just need to remove it. But if not, you can try to uninstall these apps one by one and check if the blurriness persists.

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Reset Your Phone

Have you tried all of the above solutions and none of them worked? Maybe you should try the last one – reset the Android device. This technique will fix any issues but also erase all information on your device. You should take a backup before making the decision.

Step 1: Open Settings and find System.

Step 2: Toggle on Backup & reset, and select Factory data reset.

the interface of RESET PHONE

Professional Repair

If the blurry issue is still on your screen, when you take all the mentioned methods to address software-related issues, the root cause could be the hardware. Now you probably need the assistance of experts and bring your phone to get a professional repair.

Bottom Line

Fixing a blurry screen on Android phone is a straightforward process with several effective tips. Whether it’s due to software or hardware issues, you’ve got the solutions to address these troubles.

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