For iOS users, iPhones have a handy feature – airdrop, which makes sharing content between iOS devices easy. However, do you know Android devices have their own version of airdrop as well? Today, this post from NewsPivot will tell you what airdrop is and how to airdrop on Android.

What Is Airdrop on Android

Actually, an Android phone has a built-in feature that works like the airdrop on iOS devices, such as the nearby share or quick share feature. You can also choose to install some third-party apps as alternatives to airdrop. Their sharing feature works similarly so you can immediately share photos or videos with any devices around you.

Therefore, it’s necessary for you to know how to use airdrop with Android. Let’s see the exact steps now.

How to “Airdrop” on Android

In fact, the reason why call the feature of nearby share airdrop is that it’s the closest thing that Android has to the airdrop feature on Apple’s devices. Nearby share sends content between Android devices, Windows PCs, and Chromebooks wirelessly by means of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC.

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Before using the nearby share, you should find the receiving device in the neighborhood with the screen unlocked and Bluetooth & location services enabled. This is because the receiving device must be visible to the sender when you send files. Then the sender can select the receiving device and deliver the files.

turn on Bluetooth & location

For privacy and security, the nearby share has many permission settings. It allows you to limit particular people who can see your device for receiving files.

How to Airdrop on Android with Nearby Share

Here are the steps of how to airdrop on Android with nearby share. Before you open the nearby share on Android, make sure that you have enabled it.

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Step 1: Open Settings and select Google on your device.

Step 2: Tap on the Devices & sharing option, and then choose Nearby Share from the menu.

Step 4: Toggle on the switch at the top of the screen.

Step 5: Tap on Device visibility to configure your liking and choose who can see your device and which devices are allowed to share with you.

Step 6: Hit the section under Device visibility to choose the way you send content within the three options of Data, Wi-Fi only, and Without internet.

Step 7: Turn on Bluetooth and provide location services on your device.

Now, you can use nearby share on Android. The processes of sending content are all the same no matter what you want to share, for example, photos, videos, documents, etc. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Open the content you’d like to share and hit on the share icon.

Step 2: Select the Nearby option. Its location may differ on different Android devices.

Step 3: Tap on the device that you want to send it to. If the share is done, it will tell you.

In short, this delivery is very simple and quick. The receiving device only needs to agree to be visible to the sender. Then the sharing work can begin after the sender selects the receiving device.

How to Use Airdrop with Android via Third-Party Apps

You can also directly download and install some apps for transferring content from the Google Play Store. But before installing them, you need to search for them on a browser. Choose some reputable apps that have been tested and reviewed by other users, since some of them may not be as good as advertised and damage your content when sending.

Here are several popular apps for you. You can download them for free from the Google Play Store. The first one is Send Anywhere which offers fast and unlimited transfers. It allows you to share with no distance limitation, as it can use a 6-digit code to share files.

Secondly, SHAREit is also a popular free app for sharing files. Apart from the above two, Smart Transfer and Xender have lots of users in the Google Play Store but with too many ads. The last one AirDroid is free for download but you need to pay to unlock more features. Choose one according to your will.

Bottom Line

If you never heard the information on how to airdrop on Android or don’t know how to use the airdrop, this article has shared the best solutions. From now on, you can share files between Android devices more easily and flexibly.

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