WhatsApp is an instant messaging and voice-over-IP service for Android (most popular) and iPhone. But like other apps, WhatsApp may have errors sometimes, like not sending or receiving messages. This article on NewsPivot shows you how to fix WhatsApp not sending messages specifically.

Why Are WhatsApp Messages Not Delivering

It is common to encounter WhatsApp messages not sending and several reasons for this problem, broadly summarized in both application and device terms. Some common causes are a poor internet connection, outdated WhatsApp application, corrupted cache files, enabled power saving mode, and more.

Now, you can learn some methods to resolve the WhatsApp messages not delivering issue.

How to Fix WhatsApp Messages Not Sending

Fix 1. Check Internet Connection

To ensure the proper function of WhatsApp, you should ensure a stable network on your device. Therefore, when you find WhatsApp can’t send messages, check your internet connection first.

If you use any VPN, you need to disable it. Additionally, check whether the WiFi is well-connected. You can turn off the router and turn it on a few minutes later. If you confirm the network works properly, please move on to the next method.

Fix 2. Restart Your Phone

Similar to your computer, mobile phones can be disturbed due to excessive use, affecting the performance of applications on your device. You can restart your mobile phone to repair these temporary problems. After that, check whether you can send and receive WhatsApp messages normally.

Fix 3. Update WhatsApp

Generally, if you still run an old version of an application, you may encounter several problems. In this case, the problem can be easily tackled by upgrading to the newly released version of the application. The latest version will not only add new features but also fix bugs and problems.

You can go to the App Store or the Google Play Store on your device, then find WhatsApp to check whether it requires an update. If yes, just get the latest version on your device.

Fix 4. Clear the Cache

Corrupted or high amounts of cache files may affect the performance of WhatsApp. Clearing cache files doesn’t delete your personal data as cache files are usually temporary and fault files. This is a useful method but it is not a frequent cause of WhatsApp not sending messages.

You can clear the WhatsApp cache by opening Settings to find and open the WhatsApp application, then choosing Storage > Clear Cache to complete the operation. Your device will delete cache files in a short time.

Fix 5. Disable Data Saver Mode

Data Saver mode on your device helps save mobile internet data. Some users may enable the Data Saver mode because of insufficient mobile data. However, Data Saver mode may prevent WhatsApp from normally performing, leading to failed message send. If you have enabled Data Saver mode, try to disable this mode to see if it helps fix the problem.

For Android users:

You can go to Settings to find Network and internet (or other similar options). Then choose Data Saver and disable the Use Data Saver option.

For iPhone users:

You need to open the Cellular option in Settings, then choose Cellular Data Options. Among the three options, you need to choose Standard or Allow More Data on 5G according to your needs.

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Final Words

You should know how to resolve WhatsApp not sending messages after reading this post. Try the above methods one by one to find one that can resolve your problem. Hope this post gives you some inspiration.

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