It’s a real bummer that Spotify suddenly stops when you are deeply immersed in the beautiful music. You are eager to know why iPhone Spotify keeps pausing, and more importantly, how to troubleshoot this issue. This article from NewsPivot displays several professional and effective methods that help you out of confusion.

Why Does iPhone Spotify Keep Pausing?

People like to use various music app to identify or play music, such as, Shazam and Spotify. Spotify is very popular with Apple users. However, Spotify randomly stopping usually makes users surprised and puzzled, and they have no idea what caused it.

We’ve listed the main potential causes of this hindrance, and you can take a quick flick through it to make a comprehensive understanding of this issue.

  1. Unstable connectivity.
  2. The operation of Low Power Mode.
  3. Insufficient storage.
  4. Other device’s usage of your Spotify account.
  5. Corrupted app’s cache.
  6. Outdated Spotify version.

That’s all for the reasons why iPhone Spotify keeps pausing, and the following section explains the troubleshooting tips for it. Please keep on reading patiently.

How to Fix iPhone Spotify Keeps Pausing?

Close Other Mobile Applications

When you have multiple browser tabs and apps with auto-playing videos and notifications in your iPhone’s background, or you’re playing a game with in-game music or sound effects, then iPhone Spotify suddenly stops.

You can solve this problem by closing all tabs and apps that potential to play sound at the back and disabling the sound options in the game’s settings.

Check the Connectivity

A poor network connection can prevent songs from being cached and downloaded, leading to lag and pause of Spotify. You can disconnect and reconnect your Internet to check whether the music playing is back to normal.

Your Bluetooth connection might need restarting or resetting since a poor connection can cause the “Spotify randomly stopping” issue, and you should make sure that your Bluetooth device has enough charge.

Disable the Low Power Mode

You might enable the Low Power Mode to prolong the usage time of power on your iPhone. It saves the charge of your device by restricting background activities like downloading, automatic mail retrieval, and background app refresh.

Therefore, some features might take more time to update or complete and some tasks might be paused just like Spotify. In this case, you should disable this mode before you use Spotify.

To disable the Low Power Mode: Go to the Settings app > Battery > Toggle off Low Power Mode.

turn off the Low Power Mode

Sign out Spotify Account Everywhere

If you’ve shared your account information or your Spotify has been logged into other devices, the Spotify app stops playing music when you use the same account at the same time.

To sign out Spotify account everywhere:

Step 1: Open the Spotify app, from the Spotify homepage, click Profile, then tap Account to access your account’s settings page.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap Sign out Everywhere.

You can change your password by clicking on Change password under Security and Privacy.

Delete Spotify Cache

Caches are temporary data folders that help apps to get loaded more smoothly. However, if your Spotify app stops playing music, Spotify’s cache may be corrupted, causing the malfunction of the app. In this case, you are supposed to clear the Spotify app’s cache to fix it.

To delete Spotify cache on iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the Spotify app, and click your Profile icon at the top-right of the homepage.

Step 2: Select Settings, and then scroll down to tap Storage.

Step 3: Click Clear cache and confirm this operation.

Update Spotify App

The iPhone Spotify suddenly stops if the Spotify app is outdated. To get a better user experience with Spotify, you could update this app.

You can go to the App Store, tap your Apple ID image in the top right corner, tap Apps and find Spotify. Tap Update if has this option instead of Open. If the Spotify app has only the Open option, that means it is already the latest version.

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Wrapping up

That’s all for the reasons why iPhone Spotify keeps pausing and solutions to this problem. You can try them in turn until the problem is solved. Hope any of them can figure out your trouble. After your Spotify is back to normal function, you can steep yourself in splendid music again.

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