When using Gmail to send emails, you may be stuck by the address not found in Gmail error. How to resolve this Gmail error to continue your work? This NewsPivot post introduces some useful solutions for you. 

Gmail, a free email service developed by Google, embraces a huge number of worldwide users. However, it may have some issues, such as Gmail no connection, unable to sign in, address not found, etc.

When you encounter the address not found error, your emails are unable to go through. This post focuses on resolving this annoying issue. Keep reading and try the tips below.

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How to Fix Address Not Found in Gmail

Fix 1: Check the Recipient’s Email Address

The most common reason for the address not found error is the misspelling error of the recipient’s email address, while this is also the easiest error to fix. You need to check the email address of the recipient for any errors, like omitting or including characters or numbers.

You are advised to copy and paste the email address to the address bar directly. If the problem exists in Gmail after you correct the email address, please move on to the next method.

Fix 2: Check the Email Service

Probably, the address not found in Gmail happens due to the improper work of the email service. When the domain of the target email account doesn’t service, the problem occurs on Gamil. On this occasion, you can connect with the recipient and schedule the email to be sent when the email service works properly.

Step 1.  Log into your Gmail account and compose the email.

Step 2. Copy and paste the email address to the recipient address bar.

Step 3. Click the down arrow button to choose Schedule send. Then, you can select Pick date & time to choose a specific date and time.

choose Pick date & time

Step 4. After setting, click Schedule send to save changes. Your email will be sent automatically when the time is up. 

Fix 3: Check if the Email Address Is Invalid

If you try to send a message to an account that has been deleted or deleted or is no longer available, the “address not found” error message will appear. In this case, you should verify whether the recipient’s email address is still available or active. You can check the status of the email address with the following steps.

Step 1. Open a new window in Google Chrome, then press Ctrl + Shift +  N to open the Google Incognito window.

Step 2. Type Gmail login and hit Enter to find the login page. Click the Sign in button to enter the recipient address and click Next.

Step 3. If the following page asks you to enter the password, the email address is available. If you get an alarm message that says “ Couldn’t find your Google Account”,  it indicates the email address is invalid. 

Could’t find your Google Account

Fix 4: Check Gmail Server

Although the chance is rare, it can’t be denied that you may get the address not found in Gmail when the Gmail server is down. How to check whether your Gmail is down? You can read this post to learn methods to check and fix this problem.

Final Words

The address not found in Gmail usually happens due to a wrong or invalid email address. You can try the above four methods to resolve this issue.

If you find your files are lost from Gmail, don’t worry as there are various ways to get them back. One of the most efficient ways is using free file recovery software to recover files within a few steps.

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