Google Web Store is an online marketplace where you can find extensions and themes to customize and personalize your browser. In this post, NewsPivot shows you much information about this tool including how to get Chrome Web Store extensions easily.

About Chrome Web Store

As official online store for Google Chrome, Chrome Web Store offers a wide selection of browser themes, extensions, and apps. You can browse and add them to Google Chrome to customize your browser and enhance your browsing experience for the personal or business account.

In detail, you can do more with Chrome with apps, make webpages more useful with extensions, and personalize Chrome with browser themes.

Besides, the Store allows you to publish extensions – either free or paid and Chrome users can easily find them. The charge way can be any payment system you like. To upload and publish some items, the Chrome Developer Dashboard is a good option.

It is available to get free items from this store. For a paid extension, theme, or app, you need to have a Google Payments account. You need to check if your country/region supports Google Payments.

How to Open Chrome Web Store

It is very easy to access it. You don’t need to download it but just open a new tab, copy and paste the URL – to the address bar. Then, you will be taken to the home page of the store which will show some available items based on your browser language and location.

Google Chrome Web Store

If you want to see paid items and featured content in local currency, go to Settings > Languages and choose your language and country.

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Google Chrome Web Store Extensions

The store offers various extensions to add many features to your browser to make Google Chrome more powerful. Chrome Web Store extensions involve many aspects and you can install many tools to improve productivity, plan your trip, capture your screen, play classic games in Chrome, and more.

How to download Chrome extensions to install:

Step 1: After opening this store, move to the Extensions page.

Chrome Web Store extensions

Step 2: Search for the extension you want via the search box and then enter a new page.

Step 3: Click Add to Chrome.

If you are a guest or in Incognito mode, you cannot install extensions.

How to Manage Extensions

To check the extensions that you have installed, use these steps:

Step 1: In Google Chrome, click three dots and hit Extensions > Manage Extensions.

Step 2: You can make some changes to these extensions:

Turn on/off: Enable or disable the extension.

Remove: Remove an extension from Chrome.

Details: Check details about this extension including version, size, source, etc.  

manage Chrome Web Store extensions

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Chrome Web Store Themes

This store offers many themes including ark themes, animal themes, game themes, etc. and you can download a theme as per your preference to personalize Chrome on your PC.

Step 1: Go to the Themes page in Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Find a theme you prefer and add it to Chrome to change the look of your Google browser.

If you want to restore Google Chrome to the default theme, go to three dots > Settings > Appearance, and click Reset to default.

Something to Notice

Malware is a common issue in Chrome Web Store since some developers sell their extensions to third parties that incorporate adware. Adware easily brings malicious software, infecting your system. To protect your PC against various threats, always keep antivirus software running.

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