Why Do You Need to Update Outlook?

Outlook is a convenient tool that allows you to organize emails, schedule settings, share files from the cloud, and so on. Usually, it is highly advised to update it in time to enjoy the latest features and security enhancements including:

  • Accessing new features and improvements. 
  • Safeguarding information from cyber threats.
  • Fixing existing bugs.

By default, Microsoft will update its products automatically. However, once the automatic update is disabled or some updates fail to install, you might need to update them automatically. How to update Outlook on different device manually? If your Outlook fail to update automatically, scroll down to get the detailed instructions.

Before updating, please make sure your internet is stable.

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How to Update Outlook on Windows?

Way 1: via Microsoft Outlook Client

Firstly, you can update the program via the client. To do so:

Step 1. Launch Outlook.

Step 2. Go to File and select Account or Office Account.

Step 3. Click on Enable Updates and hit Update Now to check online for and install the latest version of Microsoft Outlook for you.

hit Update Now

Way 2: via Windows Update

By default, Microsoft products like Outlook update automatically when you perform a Windows update. Therefore, another way to update Outlook is to update your Windows. Here’s how to do it:

For Windows 10

Step 1. Press Win + I to open Windows 10 Settings.

Step 2. Navigate to Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates to look for any updates available.

For Windows 11

Step 1. Click on Start menu.

Step 2. Open Settings.

Step 3. Select Windows Update.

Step 4. Click on Download and Install and then Windows will check for updates for you. If there is no update available, you are saying that you’re up to date.

How to Update Outlook on Mac?

Also, you can update Microsoft Outlook manually on your Mac via the application itself. Follow these steps:

Way 1: via Microsoft Outlook

Step 1. Open Outlook.

Step 2. Click on Help in the top left corner.

Step 3. Select Check for Updates from the context menu.

Step 4. Choose Update in the AutoUpdate window.

Way 2: via App Store

Mac comes with App Store to manage the settings on your device. Therefore, it is a good idea to update Outlook via App Store. To do so:

Step 1. Open App Store on your Mac.

Step 2. In the left menu, select Updates.

Step 3. Check if Microsoft Outlook is in the right pane. If yes, click on the Update button beside it.

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Wrapping Things up

Now, you have the updated your Outlook to the latest version to accelerate your work flow by one of the methods below. Sincerely hope that you can benefit from it. Have a nice day!

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