The “selected boot image did not authenticate” error often appears on the HP computers and it is related to multiple factors. You may get confused about this problem and wonder about the culprit. Now, don’t worry, this post from NewsPivot has some professional explanations and solutions for you.

Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate

This “selected boot image did not authenticate” error is a tough problem for most HP users when they are trying to update a device on the computer. When you receive this error message, the PC will repeatedly restart and prompt you back to the error again and again. You need to find out the causes and methods for troubleshooting.

The possible culprits are as follows:

  • bootloader credentials are missing
  • security protocol has been breached
  • Your computer changes the boot order
  • boot image gets corrupt
  • malware attacks

Methods for “Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate”

Method 1: Enable Legacy Support and Disable Secure Boot in BIOS

Secure Boot is limited to the software that is trusted by the PC manufacturer, preventing malicious ones from loading when the PC starts up. When you run into “The selected boot image was not authenticated”, you can disable this option and switch to legacy boot.

Step 1: Enter BIOS by pressing a dedicated key. The key or keys may differ depending on your computer, but some of the most common ones are F1, F2, F10, F12, Del, or Esc.

Step 2: According to the on-screen instructions, choose System Configuration and Boot Options. Then press Enter.

Step 3: Locate Legacy Support and enable the option.

Step 4: Locate Secure Boot and choose to disable the option.

After that, choose to save the changes and exit BIOS. Then please restart your PC to check if the “selected boot image did not authenticate” error persists.

Method 2: Run Startup Repair

If the culprit of the “selected boot image did not authenticate” is the error on your bootloader, you can run a system recovery to repair it.

Step 1: When you see the first screen after switching on the PC, press F11. Some systems may ask you to press F9 or F12 to get into WinRE.

Step 2: Choose Troubleshoot in the Choose an option page and then Advanced Options.

Step 3: Choose Startup Repair and accept the repair process to wait for it. Follow the prompts and choose an account. The repair process will scan the computer and attempt to fix any startup problems.

Choose Startup Repair

After that, restart your PC to check if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Hard Reset Your PC

After the hard reset, all the configurations will be wiped out and new configuration and hardware changes will be applied on the next boot. To hard reset your PC, you can do as follows.

Step 1: Turn off your computer and remove the AC cord and battery.

Step 2: Press and hold the power key for about 20 to 25 seconds to reset the hardware.

Step 3: Press the F2 key to power it up, which will load the diagnostics for all the hardware in the system and detect any problems.

Step 4: Restart your computer and check if the problem has been gotten rid of.

Bottom Line

After reading this post, you may have found a way to fix the “selected boot image did not authenticate” error. Hope this article has fixed your concerns.

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