What are the main features of ChatGPT? Is there a desktop version of ChatGPT? How to download ChatGPT on Windows, Mac, and Linux? If you have no idea about these questions, you can get detailed instructions from this post on NewsPivot.

What Is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a large-scale language model developed by the OpenAI team and is a super powerful artificial intelligence chat robot. It is based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, fine-tuned through manual annotation of data and reinforcement learning, and is very suitable for conversational scenarios.

In addition, ChatGPT has powerful language generation capabilities and multi-language processing capabilities. Therefore, in addition to dialogue, it is also good at text generation, knowledge query, language translation, text optimization, image processing, etc.

ChatGPT provides an online version, allowing you to access ChatGPT online through a browser. Is there a desktop version of this powerful chatbot? Yes. ChatGPT offers a desktop version, giving you a more convenient interactive experience. You can download and install it on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

How to Download ChatGPT Windows/Mac/Linux

In the next part, we will show you how to get ChatGPT downloaded and installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

ChatGPT Download Free on Windows

You need to avoid downloading ChatGPT from unknown or unsafe websites to avoid being attacked by Trojans or viruses. Downloading the desktop version suitable for your computer from the ChatGPT GitHub page is the safest and most reliable way.

Step 1. Go to this website:


Step 2. The latest version of ChatGPT now is ChatGPT v1.1.0. You need to scroll down the page and download the target .msi file that corresponds with your operating system.

download the .msi file of ChatGPT

Once the .msi file is downloaded, you need to double-click on it to start the installation process.

Step 3. Click Next to continue.

click Next

Step 4. Set up the file location of ChatGPT, then click Next.

Step 5. Click the Install button, and wait until the process is completed.  

After installing ChatGPT on your computer, you can start talking to it directly. Alternatively, you can choose to create a new account or log in to your existing account.

Download ChatGPT on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you can also download and install ChatGPT from GitHub.

Open this page from your browser:


Next, scroll down to find the operating version that corresponds with your computer, then click the link to download the installer. After that, you should follow the instructions on your screen to complete the whole process.

ChatGPT Download on Linux

Downloading ChatGPT on Linux is similar to downloading and installing it on Windows and Mac. You just need to go to the GitHub website, find the corresponding installation package, and then download and install ChatGPT.

This is all about how to download and install ChatGPT on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

How to Update ChatGPT

Timely updating of ChatGPT is also an important matter. Updating ChatGPT can improve ChatGPT’s responsiveness, accuracy, and smoothness. In addition, new versions of ChatGPT usually include fixes for errors and vulnerabilities in older versions, and also add some new features to make it more advanced and intelligent.

How to update ChatGPT to the latest version?

Open ChatGPT by using the Windows search box.

Hit the ChatGPT button, then click Check for Updates.

check for ChatGPT updates

After that, available new versions of ChatGPT will be displayed, and you can follow the on-screen instructions to get it installed.

Bottom Line

All in all, this post mainly talks about the main features of ChatGPT and how to download ChatGPT app on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Hope you can successfully enjoy this chatbot after applying the steps listed above.

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