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Welcome to NEWSPIVOT!

We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to visit our site. At NEWSPIVOT, we value your privacy and the information you entrust to us. Our aim is to ensure transparency in how we collect, use, and safeguard your data. NEWSPIVOT is committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy, adhering to applicable laws and regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Use of this Website

This privacy policy outlines the information we gather from you and how it is managed, stored, and processed. Please be aware that your data may be stored and processed in the United States of America and across the IDG Communications Publishing Network, as detailed below.

Our website offers products, content, and services catering to both professional and consumer audiences. It is important to note that our services are not intended for individuals under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect or store personal data from anyone under 13 years of age.

If you are a resident of the European Union (EU), certain provisions in this privacy policy apply specifically to you. Similarly, if you are a consumer in California (US), there are provisions in this policy that apply uniquely to you.

This Document Outlines:

Information We Collect

At NEWSPIVOT, we gather data that resembles the type of information typically found on a standard business card. This includes your first and last name, job title, employer/company name, work address, work email, and work phone number. On occasion, we might request additional professional details such as the size of your company and its industry.

To enrich and update the information you provide, we may integrate it with professional or personal data obtained from third-party sources. The personal data mentioned in this policy encompasses both the professional and personal information you furnish us with and any data acquired from third-party sources, which we typically amalgamate into a single user record.

Additionally, our website automatically collects and retains certain information through the use of cookies and similar technologies. This data encompasses IP addresses, the geographical region or general location of the device accessing the internet, browser type, operating system, page view history, and other usage details. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more comprehensive information.

It’s important to note that under the GDPR, if any cookie can uniquely identify a computer, mobile device, or tablet (“Device”) or the individual using said Device, and you are an EU resident, it qualifies as personal data. Hence, this privacy policy pertains to such personal data collected by NEWSPIVOT.

Similarly, under the CCPA, if you are a California consumer, any cookie capable of uniquely identifying you or the device being used, whether via an IP address or other online identifier, is considered personal data.

How Your Information is Gathered:

Your personal data may be collected when you sign up to access any of the offerings provided by NEWSPIVOT or its affiliated sponsors. These offerings include but are not limited to publications, subscriptions, contests, newsletters, memberships, premium content, webcasts, videos, white papers, online seminars, conferences, and events.

Impact of Withholding Personal Data:

To fulfill your requests for products, content, or services, we rely on the information you provide. Consequently, if you choose not to share your personal data, we will be unable to deliver the requested products, content, or services.

How do we safeguard your personal data?

Protection of Your Personal Information

At NEWSPIVOT, we prioritize the security of your personal data. We have implemented a range of technical and organizational measures to safeguard your information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. These measures undergo continuous updates and testing to ensure their effectiveness.

Access to your personal data is restricted to authorized personnel who require it to deliver NEWSPIVOT’s products, content, or services to you. We also hold third-party contractors to the same high standards of security to protect your information.

Storage Practices for Your Personal Data

Your personal data may be stored on NEWSPIVOT’s secure on-site servers or other internally hosted technology. Additionally, we may utilize third-party cloud services or technology providers to store your information as part of supporting our business operations.

Rest assured, these third parties are contractually bound to use your personal data solely for storage and retrieval purposes and do not have access to or utilize it for any other reason. NEWSPIVOT mandates that these parties uphold security measures equivalent to our own to safeguard your personal data.

What we do with the personal data we collect

Our use of the personal data we collect is aimed at facilitating communication with you, fulfilling your requests, enhancing our services, and providing you with relevant information and business opportunities.

To communicate with you

We may utilize your personal data to send you important notifications regarding your registration, transactions, and updates to our terms, policies, and internal matters.

To deliver your request

Your personal data may be employed to fulfill your requests for products, content, or services. Additionally, if you participate in promotions like sweepstakes or contests, we may use your data for administration purposes.

To improve our service

We may analyze your personal data for auditing, data analysis, and research to enhance the quality of our products, content, and services.

To present offers that you might be interested in

We might contact you to offer additional products, content, or services from NEWSPIVOT or third parties that align with your interests. Your personal data remains confidential with NEWSPIVOT, unless you expressly allow us to share it, such as when you opt to receive offers from our third-party sponsors.

The legal basis we have for processing your personal data

In compliance with the GDPR, NEWSPIVOT is committed to safeguarding the personal data of EU residents. This section pertains to any personal data collected by NEWSPIVOT.

NEWSPIVOT utilizes the personal data you provide to deliver high-quality products, content, and services as per your request. This includes sending essential notifications and utilizing data for internal purposes such as auditing, analysis, and research, aimed at providing you with the necessary information for informed technology purchasing decisions.

Additionally, we may use your personal data to tailor product offerings, content, or services based on your interests or preferences. We may also share your personal data with third-party sponsors of content, events, and other business services or offers.

Your consent serves as the legal basis for processing your personal data. In specific cases, NEWSPIVOT may process your personal data if it serves a legitimate interest and does not infringe upon your rights and freedoms.

When processing your personal data for our legitimate interests, NEWSPIVOT carefully considers and balances any potential impact on your rights under data protection laws. Our business interests do not supersede your rights and freedoms. NEWSPIVOT refrains from using your personal data if your rights and freedoms outweigh our legitimate interests, unless consent is obtained or required by law.

When and how we share your personal data with others

At NEWSPIVOT, safeguarding your personal data is paramount. We may share your information to provide you with tailored content and services from our sites, affiliated companies, and select third-party services that align with your interests. This includes sponsored content and events. Here’s how we handle your data:

For Business Operations:

To ensure smooth business operations, we may share your personal data with third parties we’ve partnered with. These partnerships cover essential services like delivery, payment processing, and email deployment.

For Third-Party Sponsored Content and Events:

We collaborate with third-party sponsors to offer you a diverse range of content and events. In exchange for access to these offerings, we may request personal data during registration. Your data may be used to deliver the requested content or service. Furthermore, it may be shared with the sponsor(s) to facilitate communication about the offer. Please be aware that the sponsor’s privacy policy will govern the use of your data once it’s shared with them.

As Required by Law:

We may disclose your personal data when authorized by law or to comply with legal processes.

In the Event of Ownership Changes:

If NEWSPIVOT undergoes a change in ownership, either in part or entirety, your personal data may be transferred to the new owner.

International Data Transfers (for EU Residents): 

For personal data collected from EU residents, if we transfer your data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area, we ensure adequate safeguards are in place. These may include binding corporate rules, standard contractual clauses, approved Codes of Conduct, or certification mechanisms, to protect your data during the transfer process.

Your privacy matters to us, and we’re committed to transparency and accountability in handling your personal data. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long we keep your personal data

We maintain your personal data throughout the course of your business engagement with us. Your information is held for as long as it serves its intended purpose, and we only retain it for as long as necessary for each specific use, unless we have received your consent to employ it for alternative or similar purposes.

Your rights and preferences

If you request NEWSPIVOT to disclose the categories and specific pieces of personal data it collects, to have your personal data erased (for EU residents) or deleted (for California consumers), to opt out of the sale of your personal data (for California consumers), to cease marketing communications, or to otherwise limit NEWSPIVOT’s processing of your personal data, we may retain certain basic information to prevent sending unwanted materials in the future and to document your request and our response.

Confirming your personal data

This section pertains to the handling of personal data collected by NEWSPIVOT from residents of the EU and consumers in California. To confirm NEWSPIVOT’s processing of your personal data, or to access, update, correct, or obtain a copy of your personal data for your own use, please email us at the address below.

The types of personal data collected by NEWSPIVOT, the sources from which it is gathered, the business purposes for collecting or selling (if applicable), the categories of third parties with whom it is shared, and specific pieces of collected personal data are generally outlined in this privacy policy.

Should you need further information or wish to exercise your rights under the CCPA to request specific categories and pieces of personal data collected by NEWSPIVOT, please contact us at the address provided, indicating “CCPA Request” in the subject line.

Erasure or deletion of your personal data applies to data collected from EU residents or California consumers. If you are an EU resident seeking erasure of your personal data, please contact us using the provided mailing address. Likewise, if you are a California consumer wishing to have your personal data deleted, please reach out to us using the same address.

If you wish to opt-out of receiving marketing communications from NEWSPIVOT, please contact us using the provided mailing address.

To restrict the processing of your personal data by NEWSPIVOT for any other purpose, please contact us using the provided mailing address.

Need assistance? Contacting Us

Queries, Concerns, or Complaints:

If you have any queries, concerns, or complaints regarding NEWSPIVOT’s handling of personal data or this privacy policy, we welcome you to reach out to us.

If you prefer to communicate via mail, you can send your correspondence to: [email protected]