Are you looking for a way to minimize games on PC? If so, you come to the right place. This post from NewPivot will explain to you how to minimize games on PC in 9 ways.

How to Minimize Games on PC

If you’ve played PC games, you know that most of them run in borderless full screen mode. This means that you can’t simply click the minimize button at the top of the window like other programs in order to minimize them.

So, how to minimize games on PC? The methods are relatively easy to operate because most of them are key combinations. Now, using the given method to minimize games on PC.

Way 1: Press Alt + Tab

One of the most easily recognized hotkeys is Alt + Tab. Pressing Alt + Tab will switch to the last active window. However, if you hold down the Alt key, an overlay appears containing all of the open windows you are currently running on your computer.

You can then move between these applications by holding down the Alt key and pressing the Tab key repeatedly. After switching to the target program, release the Alt key.

Way 2: Press Alt + Enter

If you want to minimize a full screen game on PC then you can try Alt + Enter. This shortcut typically allows you to switch from full-screen to windowed mode in games and applications, where you can then minimize the game.

However, this doesn’t always apply to all games. Sometimes, even in windowed mode, the game may not allow the mouse cursor to cross the inner borders of the window. This means you may not be able to click the minimize button at the top of the window or click another window in the taskbar.

Way 3: Press Alt + Esc

Similar to Alt + Tab, the Alt + Esc keyboard shortcut also allows for multitasking. Unlike the Alt+Tab key, it cycles through apps in the order they were opened and switches directly to subsequently opened apps.

Way 4: Press the Windows Key

How to minimize games on PC? If the above keyboard shortcuts don’t work, you can press the Windows key. This will display the Start menu and taskbar, allowing you to switch to different windows. This method is widely used to minimize games and other applications on PCs. However, it does not work with all PC games.

Way 5: Press Windows + M

Another option for minimizing your games is to press the Windows + M key. This will completely minimize your game, along with any other windows you have running, and return you to the desktop.

It's worth noting that you should be running the application in windowed mode or borderless windowed mode to enable this shortcut. Additionally, this key combination may not work with applications running full screen.

Way 6: Press Windows + D

Like the Windows + M shortcut, the Windows + D shortcut will minimize your game and all other open windows. The difference is that this key combination can reversely maximize the game after you minimize it.

Way 7: Press Windows + G

If you have the Game Bar enabled on your computer, then you can also use the Windows + G shortcut to bring up the Game Bar. This can allow you to minimize games on PC.

Way 8: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del

How to minimize a game on PC? If the above method doesn’t work, you can also try the Ctrl + Alt + Delete shortcut. This will display a screen with options, one of which allows you to launch Task Manager.

Way 9: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc

You can try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys, which is another way to bring up the Task Manager directly. Next, the Start menu and taskbar appear along with Task Manager, allowing you to select additional windows.

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Bottom Line

This is the end of the article how to minimize a game on PC. We introduce you to 9 ways to minimize a game on PC, you can choose one from them.

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