Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms, with thousands of games and millions of users. However, like other PC apps, users may run into problems with Steam clients and require administrative permissions to solve them.

Do you also need to run Steam game as admin? If you also have the same need, this post is worth reading. Here, NewsPivot provides a step-by-step guide to help you to run Steam Game as admin with ease.

Method 1. From the Search Window

In the Search window, you can make Steam game run as administrator with ease. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Press the Win + S keys to open the Search window.
  2. Type “steam” in the Search window.
  3. Then right-click Steam under Best Match and choose Run as administrator.
  4. After that, you can make Steam game run as administrator successfully.

Method 2. From the Start Menu

To run Steam game as admin, you can also try using the Start menu. To do that, you can do as follows:

  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Scroll down to find the Steam folder.
  3. Expand the Steam folder and right-click Steam.
  4. Then, click More > Run as administrator.
choose Run as administrator

Method 3. From the File Explorer

You can also run Steam game as admin via File Explorer. If you want to try this method, please do as follows:

Step 1. Press the Win + E keys together to open the File Explorer window.

Step 2. Navigate to the Steam folder, which is often installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam by default.

Step 3. Find Steam.exe in the Steam folder, and right-click it to choose Run as administrator.

Run Steam game as administrator via File Explorer

Method 4. From the Shortcut Compatibility

In addition, you can run Steam game as admin via the shortcut as well. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step 1. Right-click your desktop and choose New > Shortcut.

Step 2. In the Create Shortcut window, click Browse. Then go to the C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam directory. Select it and click Next.

Step 3. Name the shortcut as “Steam” and click Finish.

Step 4. After creating the Steam shortcut on your desktop, right-click it and choose Properties.

Step 5. Go to the Compatibility tab and check the box of Run this program as an administrator option.

check the box of Run this program as administrator

Bottom Line

How to run a Steam game as admin? This post provides 4 helpful ways to help you run Steam game as admin. If you also have the same need, you can follow the guide in this post to do it with ease.

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