Are you an old game fan? Do you miss games on PS1 and PS2? Can you play PS1 and PS2 games on PS3? What is PS3 backwards compatible? You may feel confused. But don’t worry, this article from NewsPivot will give you answers.

How to play PS2 games on PS3? If your PS3 is backwards compatible, you can just insert the PS2 game discs into your PS3. Then you can play the PS2 games like on the PS2! Is it amazing? How is it possible? Let’s keep on reading.

What Is PS3 Backward Compatible?

“PS3 backwards compatible” refers to the ability of certain models of the PS3 console to play games from previous PS platforms, specifically PS2 games. When the PS3 was first released, some early models were equipped with hardware that allowed them to run both PS3 and PS2 games. This means that you can insert old PS2 game discs into your PS3 and play them conventionally.

However, as newer versions of the PS3 were released, Sony eventually phased out this backwards compatibility feature. Later models of PS3 removed the hardware-based emulation of PS2 games, instead, they relied on software emulation or had no backwards compatibility at all. As a result, not all PS3 consoles are backwards compatible with PS2 games.

Which PS3 Models Allow Me to Play PS1 and PS2 Games?

Now you should know about PS3 backwards compatible. But which PS3 models are backwards compatible?

Is PS3 Backwards Compatible with PS1?

Fortunately, the answer is absolutely Yes! All kinds of PS3 models are backwards compatible with PS1 games. No matter you are using a Slim model, a Super Slim model, or a “fat” PS3, you are allowed to play PS1 games on them.

That is to say, classic games like Mortal Kombat II, Tomb Raiders II, Final Fantasy VII, Silent Hill, Diablo, or even Doom are available on your PS3.

Is PS3 Backwards Compatible with PS2?

The answer is Yes, but not all. Not all the PS3 models are supported with the backwards compatibility feature. If you want to play PS2 games on PS3, especially with game discs, you need a correct PS3 model.

How can you recognize the models of PS3 that can play PS2 games? The PS3 models that are backwards compatible with PS2 games are typically the early “fat” models of the PS3. To be specific, these are the models with the CECH-Axx and CECH-Bxx model numbers. These original PS3 models are equipped with both the Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer chips from the PS2. This hardware emulation allows them to run PS2 games natively, just like a PS2 console could.

Here, let’s see how to determine if your PS3 is compatible with PS2.

First, check whether your PS3 is a PlayStation 3 Slim model.

PS3 Slim

-image from Wikipedia

The Slim models include PS3 Slim and Super Slim. They are very different from the “fat” models. The Slim model is thinner vertically and horizontally, but it is deeper than the “fat” PS3–it’s almost a square. The front power and eject buttons are actual, depressible keys.

It’s a pity that the Slim PS3 is not backwards compatible with PS2 game discs. But you can still enjoy PS1 and PS3 games on it.

Second, check if your PS3 is an original “fat” model.

All the PS3 consoles with the backwards compatibility feature are original “fat” models, including 20GB PlayStation 3 and 60GB PlayStation 3, and they all have four ports.

The below image is a 20GB PlayStation 3.

20GB PlayStation 3

-image from Amazon

The below image is a 60GB PlayStation 3.

60GB PlayStation 3

-image from Wikipedia

As you can see, while the 20GB PlayStation 3 and 60GB PlayStation 3 are similar and both are backwards compatible, there are some differences.

  • Logo: The logo on the PS3 20GB model is silver, and the logo on the PS3 60GB model is chrome.
  • Chrome trim: The PS3 60GB model features a chrome trim around the disc drive slot. But the PS3 20GB model has no chrome trim.
  • Card reader: 20GB PlayStation 3 has no built-in memory card reader for PS2 memory cards. But 60GB PlayStation 3 features a memory card reader.
  • Other differences: The 20GB PlayStation 3 doesn’t have Wi-Fi, but the 60GB PlayStation 3 does. It is also reported that playing PS2 disc games on a 20GB PlayStation 3 is not as smooth as on a 60GB PlayStation 3.

In addition, the later versions of PS3 are different from 20GB/60GB PS3, such as fewer ports, the capability to install a different OS, no card reader, various power consumptions, and different detailed designs. Most of them do not have backward compatibility.

Bottom Line

Although the game picture quality of the PS3 era has been greatly improved compared to the games of the PS2 era, there are still many classic PS2 games for players to enjoy. If you are trying to find ways to play those PS2 games on PS3, this article may provide you with some help. We appreciate you reading this article.

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