Do you know how to recover a Discord account if you delete the account? If you forget the email account, what can you do to recover Discord account without email? What to do when you forget your Discord password? This post provided by NewsPivot will give you detailed guidance. Just keep reading the following content.

Whether you deleted Discord account intentionally or unintentionally and want to restore your Discord account, the following content will show you the solution.

What to Do When You Forgot Your Discord Password

Sometimes, you may forget your Discord login password. How to retrieve the Discord password? First, you need to go to the login website of Discord ( and enter the email address you used to sign into Discord. Click the Forgot your password link and then Discord will send you an email. You need to go to your email and check the Discord email. Next, in the email, you need to click Restore Account to reset Discord password and restore your Discord account.

How to Recover a Deleted Discord Account

What can you do to recover a deleted Discord account? The deleted Discord account is not deleted immediately but is in a pending deletion state. How long will the pending deletion state last? The answer is 14 days.

You can sign into your Discord account. If you can see a dialog box has the message “Account scheduled to be deleted”, you still have the chance to recover the deleted Discord account. If that dialog doesn’t appear, it means your account is deleted permanently and can’t be recovered anymore. Here are simple steps to recover the deleted Discord account:

1. Go to the desktop or browser app of Discord and sign into your account.

2. You can restore the deleted Discord account if you can see a “Your account is scheduled to self-destruct soon… are you sure you still want that?” dialog box.

3. Click on Restore Account and follow its instructions to recover the deleted Discord account. Finally, you can sign into your Discord account again.

click Restore Account

How to Recover Discord Account Without Email

The worst thing that can happen is that you forget the email account you used to sign into your Discord account. How to recover Discord account without email? The only way is to contact Discord support.

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on the “Submit a request” link located in the top right corner.
  4. From the “What can we help you with?” drop-down menu, select “Help & Support“.
  5. Enter an active email address that you have access to in the “Your email address” text field. Discord will use this email to contact you.
  6. Choose “Discord Account Credentials” from the “Type of question” drop-down menu.
  7. Select your specific Discord Account Credentials issue from the dropdown menu.
  8. Enter “Account recovery” in the Subject field.
  9. Describe why you are unable to access your account in the Description box. You can also attach screenshot files if needed.
  10. Click on the “Submit” button.
  11. Upon successful submission, a confirmation message such as “Your request was successfully submitted” will appear. Please allow up to three business days for Discord to respond and provide further instructions.


The above has shown you how to recover your Discord account in three workable solutions. You can refer to the above guidance and have a try!

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