IP address, short for Internet Protocol address, is a unique numerical name that is assigned to every device connected to the Internet. An IP is a virtual address that can reveal the geographic location of the device connected to it. Track the IP address, then you can realize the IP to location conversion and find someone’s exact location.

How to track an IP address location and how to find someone’s exact location with IP address? Below, this post from NewsPivot summarizes some popular free IP address to location converters and guides you on how to track IP address exact location with these tools. You can apply one according to your preference.

It’s worth noting that there’s no way how to find someone’s exact location with IP address in most cases. To be specific, you can only use the IP address to find out the country, state, and city, not including the specific street address.


This online IP location finder supports IP lookup or IP address lookup with detailed IP geolocation data. Simply open your browser and go to its website, type the IP address or hostname in the blank bar, and then click the Find button. After a while, you will get detailed information about this IP address, like city, country, provider, ASN, etc.


You can also use this free online IP lookup tool to track IP address exact location with ease. This easy-to-use tool can identify the IP geolocation and unveil other details of the specific IP address.

How to track an IP address location with this tool? Visit the official website of this tool in your browser, type IPv4, IPv6, or domain name, and click IP Lookup. After that, the tool will display IP details, such as IP location, ISP, platform, screen size, and so on.


WhatIsMyIPAddress is a safe online IP to location converter that is popular with lots of users. Get into the tool’s official website through your browser, scroll down to find and select IP Look Up, fill in the box with an IP address, and then click GET IP DETAILS. You will now know the country, region/state, city, ISP, etc.

IP lookup in WhatIsMyIPAddress

In addition to looking up IP place, you can also use WhatIsMyIPAddress to trace email, hide an IP, test your network speed, make VPN comparisons, and more.


IP2LOCATION is also a free online IP to location converter. It works for all IP addresses and is capable of retrieving accurate IP address data. With this tool, you can not only trace the IP location but also obtain other information about the the specific address.

To use IP2LOCATION to track the IP address, you need to access its official website, enter the IP address, and then click Lookup.


This tool works as well if you want to execute the IP address to location conversion. It allows for the identification of the geographic location of a computer, mobile phone, server, and other devices. Under the Geolocation Search section, enter an IP address in the search bar and then click Search to obtain details of the IP address.

Bottom Line

This post offers some free online IP to location converters that may help you look up the geolocation information and other details of an IP address. Simply choose a preferred tool to track IP address exact location.

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