Do you want to use extensions on your phone browsers? If so, this post is worth reading, in which NewsPivot shows you how to install Chrome extensions on Android. You can have a try.

Can You Use Chrome Extensions on Android?

Google Chrome is the most popular browser, no matter on PCs, phones, and tablets. It takes up the biggest browser market share in the PC, phone, and tablet fields.

A browser extension is a software module for customizing a web browser. Google Chrome has over 100,000 extensions available. These extensions include user interface modifications, cookie management, ad blocking, and the custom scripting and styling of web pages. Extensions are distributed as source code, so they are safe.

Can you use Chrome extensions on Android? Chrome extensions are designed for desktop Chrome and other desktop browsers. However, the Chrome browser on your phone does not support extensions.

Fortunately, some phone browsers are supporting Chrome extensions. For example, Firefox, Kiwi, and Yandex.

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How to Install Chrome Extensions on Android

In this part, I will show you how to install Chrome Android extensions on mobile Firefox, Kiwi, and Yandex browsers.

#1. How to Install Chrome Android Extensions on Firefox

  1. Make sure you have installed Firefox on your phone.
  2. Open Firefox and go to the Firefox add-on website.
  3. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner and click Request desktop site.
  4. Search for Chrome Store Foxified and add it to the Firefox browser.
  5. Visit the Chrome web store and add the extension of your choice.

#2. How to Install Chrome Android Extensions on Yandex

  1. Install the Yandex browser on your phone and then open it.
  2. Go to the Chrome extension website and Search for the extension you want to install.
  3. Tap this extension and select Add to Chrome.
  4. Tap Add Extension in the pop-up to install it. After that, you can see this installed extension in Settings > Extensions catalog.

#3. How to Install Chrome Android Extensions on Kiwi

  1. Install the Kiwi browser on your phone and open it.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner and then select Extensions.
  3. Switch on the toggle button in the upper right corner to enable Developer Mode.
  4. Go to the Chrome extension website and search for the Chrome extension you want to add.
  5. Tap on this extension and select Add to Chrome. A message will pop up asking if you wish to confirm your choice. Hit OK and wait for the extension to install.

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Best Chrome Mobile Extensions

In this part, I will introduce some Chrome mobile extensions worth trying.

  • LastPass: It helps you create, store, and fill online accounts and passwords automatically.
  • Evernote Web Clipper: It allows you to quickly clip entire web pages or chunks of text for later reading.
  • Google Scholar Button: It allows you to find and cite sources of text on the web or in your university library.
  • Grammarly: It vets your spelling, grammar, and punctuation as you write and has a dictionary function that suggests related words.
  • Todoist: It helps you create lists and remember to finish your tasks.
  • Bitmoji: It helps you create a customized avatar and generates messages to go along with your emoji.

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Bottom Line

Do you know other ways to install Chrome extensions on Android? If so, share those with me and I will add them to the post in the next update.

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