Are you looking for a free VPN tool? Some people move their sights to the FortiClient VPN and this VPN allows them to create a secure connection between devices. This post from NewsPivot can give you a detailed guide on FortiClient VPN free download for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

What Is FortiClient VPN?

FortiClient VPN offers SSL VPN and IPSec VPN, available among different devices, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. This VPN tool offers remote web filtering, delivering web security and content filtering, providing botnet protection and granular application traffic control.

The following features you can consider:

  • Secure Connectivity
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Endpoint Security
  • Centralized Management

You can use a single account to finish concurrent connections on multiple devices, establishing a secure connection between the user’s device and the corporate network.

FortiClient VPN Free Download for Windows – Two Methods

Method 1: FortiClient VPN Free Download from Official Websites

FortiClient VPN has an official website that gives customers a brief introduction to their products and provides downloading versions for users to choose from. You can find the wanted version on its official website and for those who want FortiClient VPN free download for Windows, these steps can help you do that.

Step 1: Open the browser and go to

Step 2: Then you can see all the editions FortiClient provides more than VPN. You can choose the VPN-only version of FortiClient which offers SSL VPN and IPSec VPN, that is FortiClient VPN. You can scroll down to locate it and click DOWNLOAD under Download VPN for Windows.

Step 3: When the FortiClientVPNOnlineInstaller.exe file has been downloaded to your computer, you can double-click on it to follow the instructions to install the VPN tool.

Method 2: FortiClient VPN Free Download from Microsoft Store

Another method is to download and install FortiClient VPN from the Microsoft Store.

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Store or go to the Microsoft Store website.

Step 2: In its search bar, search for FortiClient VPN and it will show you the result for downloading.

Step 3: Click on the tool and choose Get to download and install the program.

click Get

FortiClient VPN Free Download for Mac

This FortiClient VPN is also allowed for Mac users. Actually, the steps are generally in accordance with that as we introduced above. You can go to the official website and find the FortiClient VPN and click DOWNLOAD under Download VPN for MacOS. Then install the program on your system.

Alternatively, you can go to the App Store and find the app you want to download. Then follow the on-screen tips to download and install it.

FortiClient VPN Free Download for Mobile Devices

For mobile device users, the steps will be easier, just as the normal procedures that you download the other apps. You need to go to the Google Play Store or App Store to search for FortiClient VPN. Also, you can go to the official website by using a browser and download the corresponding app.

How to Set up FortiClient VPN?

After you download and install the tool, you will be guided to set up the VPN at each stage. You can accept the disclaimer after opening it and click the Configure VPN button. In the new window, you can choose SSL-VPN and configure the settings to click Save.

Then you can select the VPN connection, enter your username and password, and click Connect to connect to FortiClient VPN.

Bottom Line

Considering the FortiClient VPN free download, the above contents include the downloading methods for various platforms and help you set up FortiClient VPN.

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