You can create an email group or contact group in Outlook 365 if you need to send frequent emails to the same group of people. So, this post published on NewsPivot will teach you how to create an email group in Outlook 365 so that you can email this group of people at the same time.

See the instructions below for creating an email or contact group in Outlook 365 and more.

Create an Email Contact Group in Outlook 365 on Windows 10/11

Here is how to create an email group in Outlook 365 and 2019/2016 on Windows 10/11.

For Outlook 2019/2016:

Step 1. Launch the Outlook app on your PC.

Step 2. Switch to the Home tab and select the New Contact Group.

Step 3. In the Contact Group box, give the group a name.

Step 4. To add people to the group, click Add Members and select the desired method, Outlook Contacts, From Address Book, or New E-mail Contact. To add individuals or email addresses to a new contact group, and select them from the list.

Step 5. Then, you can save the contact group by clicking the Save & Close button.

Step 6. Click Home > Email > To to search for the target contact group to send an email to this group of people. Next, edit the email and send it to the target group.

For Outlook 365:

Step 1. Open your browser, navigate to the Outlook 365 official website, and log in to with your account.

Step 2. Choose the Contacts option on the left side.

Step 3. Click the New option, then choose Group, and type the name of the contact group.

Step 4. Search for the desired email address to add them to the group and save the group.

Create a Contact Group in Outlook 365 on Mac

If you’re a Mac user, follow the steps below to create a contact group on your computer.

Step 1. Open the Outlook 365 application on your Mac computer.

Step 2. Select the People option on the menu bar. Next, click Home and New Contact List to add a new group in Outlook, and give the group a name.

Step 3. Select Add to choose and add members to the group list.

Step 4. After adding the desired contacts, click Save & Close.

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