If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on Microsoft Word 2016 download, you’ve come to the right place. Here this post on NewsPivot introduces the main features of Word 2016 and how to get it installed on your Windows computer.

Is It Possible to Download Microsoft Word 2016 Now?

Microsoft Word 2016 is part of the Office suite and is an older version. You may be wondering: Is it possible to download Microsoft Word 2016 now?

As of October 13, 2020, mainstream support for Microsoft Office 2016 has ended, and its extended support will only continue until October 14, 2025. The end of service support for Office 2016 means that it will no longer receive software updates from the Microsoft update website and will no longer receive security updates. So, you cannot ensure the security and stability of the software.

In addition, there are currently multiple new Microsoft Office versions, such as MS Office 2019, MS Office 2021, and MS Office 2024 (preview).

Nonetheless, you can still download MS Word 2016 to create and edit documents. Continue reading to learn more information about Microsoft Office 2016 free download.

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Microsoft Word 2016 Free Download for Windows 10

Here we will introduce two ways to install Microsoft Word 2016. Before proceeding with the following steps, you need to uninstall previous versions of Office from Settings or the Control Panel.

Way 1. Microsoft Word 2016 Download From Microsoft

Word 2016 is part of Microsoft Office 2016 and is available as a one-time purchase. Here are the major steps to download and install Word 2016 from Microsoft’s official website.

Step 1. Go to the Microsoft account dashboard, then click the Sign in button.

Step 2. Sign in with the Microsoft account that is associated with this version of Microsoft 365​​​​​​​.

Step 3. From the Overview page, select Office apps, find Microsoft Word, and select Install. You can customize the languages and version types by using the dropdown menu.

When you see the sentence “You’re all set! Office is installed now”, it means that the Office installation has been completed.

Way 2. Download Microsoft Word 2016 From Third-Party Websites

In addition to downloading the genuine Office from the official Microsoft website, you can also obtain the Microsoft Word 2016 installation package from some third-party websites such as https://getintopc.com.

Please note that downloading pirated Office 2016 may expose your computer to security risks, because pirated software may contain viruses, Trojans, etc. In addition, pirated versions of Office may be embedded with adware, etc., which will affect your normal work and reduce work efficiency. We always recommend that you download the genuine version of Office.

Microsoft Word 2016 Alternatives

If you don’t want to pay for genuine Office and don’t want to expose your computer to security risks, you may consider choosing a Microsoft Word 2016 alternative. Here are some alternatives.

  • Microsoft Word 2019: You can download and install Microsoft Word 2019 by using the Office Deployment Tool. This method allows you to download Office 2019 for free and does not involve accessing dangerous links.
  • Microsoft 365 for the Web: Microsoft 365 for the Web is the free version of Microsoft 365. You can use Word and other Office software for free through a web browser.
  • Google Docs: Google Docs is a free, web-based word processor worth trying. Its rich functionality makes it suitable for a variety of document needs. In addition, it also provides an offline mode, so you can create, view, or edit documents in offline mode even without an Internet connection.

Bottom Line

This post offers a comprehensive guide on Microsoft Word 2016 download and install on Windows. Hope you can get it installed successfully. If not, you may consider using Word 2016 alternatives for document creation and editing.

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